About Me


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players – actors!” – Shakespeare

My dad is my role model any day, any time! We are a family of 6 (Lynna, Rawlings, Nazareth, artiste MageMiles, artiste TeknoMiles and artiste Spotless360); and all extremely gifted when it comes to music and more.  

As many put it, my mum has a blessed womb for the uniqueness in her offspring. Many fans wish for a collabo of us 3! Who knows what destiny holds… keep downloading, watching and sharing our music and hope to see you soon in Naija with the Miles brothers!

As an Actor my roles have always had a way of finding me! MONEY FOLLOWS PASSION, so focus on your passion always. Focus on that which makes your heart beat in tune.


“Your desire to live on the level of your capacity, insults people who are satisfied to stay where they are because they find your zeal irritating.” – MageMiles


To stay healthy, I recommend that you eat healthy and exercise at every given opportunity! It has been proven by countless research institutes that there is no shortcut to a healthy body. Forget the diets and the teas, the true secret is exercise! Sports is my elixir!

“Your Health Is Your Wealth!” 

Inspirational Speaker

“In life, moments come and go; so you have to take a shot or you’ll never know! Never settle for less! Never go for mediocre!”

Today, I urge you to:

  • Number 1: Always, and I repeat, ALWAYS DREAM BIG! 
  • Number 2: Remember, You are who YOU think you are!
  • Number 3: That unique KEY to your destiny is in YOU – find it and unleash the power within! – MageMiles

Contact my Management Team for bookings. 

Thank you. – MageMiles