In my quest for a better Africa and a better world I have crossed numerous borders, been on countless stages and talked to many great sons and daughters of our beloved continent!
Born in Nigeria, of the Igbo tribe – my path has been guided and guarded by these virtues: courage, discipline and integrity! 
In a nation with a rich cultural heritage, I have proudly incorporated the ideology of what LEGACY we leave behind when we are no more. As an Actor, I pick my roles with care and ensure the camera reflects my-our story perfectly well. As an Artist, I sing of the treasures hidden within us all and waiting to be unleashed; and as an Entrepreneur and recognized Inspirational Speaker, I have made the journey across other great nations to build the Africa of our dreams – the Africa of true Kings and Queens; and the Africa we want to hand over to future generations!

In a recent interview on his vision for the World, Magemiles:

“If you will agree with me; gone are the days when we all sat back and waited for FOREIGN AID! We all ought to understand that AFRICA is YOU and I! It is for us to impart knowledge to others! It is for us to change the economy and educate the masses! It is for us to embrace the true creed of our PEOPLE where ever we are in the world – make the decision to use all your skills and talents to glorify Mother Africa!” – MageMiles

An excerpt from the diary of a fan:

“Having attended Primary and Secondary School in Abuja, MageMiles graduated at University with a degree in Criminology and Security. Pursuing an acting career while excelling in music with his brothers, the Rara Master TeknoMiles and the youngest brother Spotless360; MageMiles soon became the Voice of Wisdom across the lips of many and shall continue to inspire and motivate at Entrepreneurial Conferences and Leadership Forums across the World. When asked what makes his heart beat (Kamsyochukwu): in his signature smile, Miles (as fondly called by close friends) reponds, “Music is food for my soul and Sports my elixir.”